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September 29, 2023  

Lost Generation: Kissing Practices

Our top Girls gather in this super production based on the 1920s where Anita wants her girls Rafaela, Ravena and Mirella to learn to kiss so she can present suitors to the girls, she asks the girls to kiss and learn because she doesn’t have a man to practice with. Ravena, being the oldest, starts kissing Mirella, giving long and wet kisses, with a lot of tongue sucking. After a long time kissing, Ravena teaches Rafaela to kiss too and continues kissing her for a long time. Anitta arrives to see if they’ve learned and asks them to kiss too. Everyone learns to kiss in this super production. Don’t miss this famous Lost Generation!!!

Anita Thomson, Ravena Nury, Rafaela Musy, Mirella Princess, Pepita

Format: mp4
Length: 41:27 min
Size: 2.93 Gb


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